What We Do

The Conservancy is a cohesive group of local residents and businesses who have joined together and are committed to a common purpose – a comprehensive approach to continued water quality improvement within the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed.

Mission Statement

To promote a better understanding of the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed and its ecosystems and to protect, restore and enhance the watershed through proper management and watershed stewardship.

Conservancy Objectives

  • Encourage the active participation of residents in watershed stewardship through education and through volunteer monitoring efforts
  • Promote and provide a forum for sharing information and experiences on watershed management.
  • Foster the development of restoration and protection programs within the Little Walker Creek Watershed.
  • Encourage the support and development of local, state and national programs promoting watershed management.
  • Encourage the cooperation and interaction of organizations concerned with watershed restoration and protection.
  • Encourage the development and enforcement of laws and legislation designed to protect watersheds.

Conservancy Activities:

Water Quality Monitoring

  • The Conservancy maintains a group of well-trained volunteers that collect and analyze water chemistry and biological data at twelve different locations within the watershed.

Upkeep of a Watershed Database

  • Input chemical and biological data to a computerized database utilized by local, state and federal agencies.

Information Networking

  • Publish a biannual newsletter and distribute it to residents living within the watershed.
  • Create informational fact sheets to address management concerns within the watershed.
  • Attend workshops and conferences to share information with similar organizations and keep informed on.


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