A Letter from the President

The Twin/Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy is alive and well in monitoring and protecting the water resources of our watershed.  We are in the process of completing our watershed assessment project that is documenting existing lake and stream quality in our watershed.  The Conservancy Board received a preliminary report from our consultant, FX Browne, at our December Board meeting.  The report indicated that both Big & Little Twin Lakes were in good shape while Walker Lake has some water quality issues.  There is additional information in the newsletter discussing this report.

The Conservancy submitted a 3rd Growing Greener Grant in early February to conduct a watershed restoration project to address non-point source pollution within the watershed.  Based on the preliminary findings of the 2nd Growing Greener Grant, a prioritized list of non-point source pollution areas has been identified and needs to be addressed.  This next grant will fund the design of a set of Best Management Practices that will reduce non-point source pollution into streams and lakes of the watershed.  Non-point source pollution is the greatest threat to the water quality of our watershed.  

A potential non-point source pollution threat to our watershed is on-lot septic systems that are so prevalent in the watershed.  To address this issue, the Conservancy, in cooperation with Penn State Cooperative Extension, will be presenting an On-lot Septic System Seminar on Saturday, June 28 at 9 am at the Walker Lake Clubhouse.  The presenter will be Bruce Fox.  More information is provided in the newsletter.

Finally, we wish Dave & Leann Kirk well in their future move to Hemlock Farms.  Dave was instrumental in establishing the Conservancy as well as our water quality monitoring program.  Twin/Walker Lakes loss is Hemlock Farms gain.  

If you are currently aren't a member or need to renew your membership in the Conservancy, please note the membership application in the newsletter.  All membership contributions are tax-deductible.  Please join us.