Presidentís Report


The Twin & Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy is now an incorporated, non-profit, tax-exempt organization.†† As part of our new Environmental Stewardship Watershed Protection Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection we are funded to carry out our mission.This year, we will undertake an assessment project that will document existing lake and stream water quality in our watershed and will provide us with a framework for future management decisions and initiatives.We are currently testing to find a baseline set of conditions to be implemented into our database.

Our aim is to insure that our waters remain healthy and pleasant.We seek to understand the environmental factors that affect our water quality. We are actively engaged in an educational program to disseminate this information and cooperate with our community.

Our monitoring program is continuing and you may notice our field associates wearing their new logo caps while busily taking water samples.

We have expanded our Executive Board.William McCullough, Joe Messineo and Peter Loewrigkeit have joined us.Our new Treasurer is Linda Cioppa.

Our next meeting will be held on†††††††††††††††††††††††† please join us then.


Sally Linda does not have the paperwork to do the Treasurerís report.Dave has it.It will have to wait until the meeting.


I called Jason Smith and invited him to our meeting.I also have a bill from FX Browne for 1900 to be paid from the new grant.