Presidentís Report


Our general meeting will be held on Sunday June 9, 2002 2:00pm at the Walker Lake Clubhouse.


The first item to notice is our new logo.It appears on all our correspondence.It is a map of our watershed.Look closely and you can see the area that drains into Twin Lakes, Little Walker Lake and Walker Lake.This area spills into Twin Lakes Creek and Walker Creek and eventually empties into the Delaware River.

Our monitors report that our lakes are full and clean.We aim to keep them that way.Your cooperation is vital.Remember that we not only play on our lakes and streams but also drink the water in the aquifer below.Thus, any harmful material that goes onto or into your property will reappear in the water supply, streams and lakes.At the present time, our water is fine but can we keep it that way?

Our monitoring program is going well.Training is completed and we begin monitoring with the first of four summer dates.Look for our monitors at the survey sites wearing our new white hats embroidered with our conservancy script.

We have formed liaisons with our neighbors. We are consulting with Shohola, Milford, Delaware Highlands, and Dwarfskill conservancies.We often hear about zoning changes, changes in Township, County, State and Federal Law that will affect our mission.Our members are often called on for their expertise and attendance at these vital meetings.All of Pike County is involved with its citizens forming watershed conservancies.

We would like to thank you for your excellent show of interest.We all realize that our health and property values are at stake.We have nearly 125 contributing members, some of who are already contributing for our second year.We take the time to thank our members by sending a letter affirming their membership and/or contribution and reminding them that their contribution is tax deductible.

Have we missed you?We have sent out brochures and newsletters.If you have not received any information, please call the clubhouse so Linda Ott can put your address into our folder.

Again, thanks to everyone who has joined and volunteered in our endeavor.